The Ceej Lives!

Some of you (mostly those who knew where  live) have been worried about me these last five days.  What with the electricity coming back on for me merely half an hour ago, I have been unable to even view my website, let alone update it.  The only message I was able to get to my webmaster is that I was alive and well, and was only able to get that to him yesterday.

In fact, I wouldn’t even be awake right now except that the lights coming back on woke me up.  Yeah.  I had them turned on just so I would know the second electricity came back.

I was lucky enough.  I had a natural gas water heater and stove.  Most people didn’t even have that.  Some don’t have homes anymore.  Some are even dead or missing.  We pulled together as a community, though, and helped each other out.

Just because I’m back online doesn’t mean I’m going to go right back into adding material to my site full-time.  Keep in mind, I’m still less than a week past a major natural disaster and, not only do I have to recover myself, but my community’s wellbeing is a bigger priority than your entertainment.  Thank you all for understanding.

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