Final Fantasy Under Ceej Is No More But Humour Under Ceej Is Just Beginning…

As I announced in an earlier article, I have finally dismantled Final Fantasy Under Ceej.

If you have it bookmarked and attempt to go there you will find you will be redirected to its replacement, Humour Under Ceej.  So, what is that?  In short, it’s you’re daily source for funny.  I’m going to try to have posted, each day, one short and funny thing.  This isn’t a promise.  It’s more of a goal.  I’ve started you off with five blurbs and a cartoon so it’s not too terribly short right off the bat, but still not too long.  I’ll do my best to not make multiple posts in the future.  I just didn’t want it to be empty to begin with.  Anyway, have fun with that.

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