Gay Rights Infringe On Christian Rights?

This is what we hear, time and time again.  Gays can’t get married because that will take away Christians’ rights to not perform gay marriages.  Gays can’t be included in discrimination laws because that would take away a Christian employer’s right to fire a heathen.  Every time a civil rights issue comes up about gays, the Christians get their Bibles in a bunch and claim that they’re rights are going to be infringed upon.

Well, we reasonable people know these claims are simply desperate (not to mention ludicrous) attempts to grasp at straws.  Christians are simply losing their power over gay rights and they’ll try anything (and I mean anything as any sins are justified when blocking gay rights) to keep gay rights down.  But, you know what?  Let’s give them that one.  Just for the sake of argument, let’s say that giving gays rights will take away the rights of Christians.  Why would I do this?  To prove that, even if these ludicrous claims were true, gays should still be given rights.

Homosexuality is a condition of self.  It’s been studied for decades and, while it’s not clear exactly why some people are born gay, what is clear is that they are, in fact, born that way.  In addition to humans, homosexuality has been closely studied in hundreds of other species on the planet, and observed in thousands more.  It simply is, beyond a doubt, part of who someone is.  And, while there have been very few cases of sexual orientation changing, it was either done prenatally or it just happened on its own without any choice (though these cases are extremely rare and usually in species other then our own).  There is absolutely no substantial evidence to suggest a person can change his own sexual orientation.  Oh, plenty of Christians have claimed it possible, but have been unable to provide evidence, just like most of their claims.

Christianity, on the other hand, is a choice.  Christians are going to claim it’s not, but the facts have never been much influence to them, so what the hell do they know?  Christians have told me it is impossible to stop being a Christian once you are one, but you know what?  I fucking did.  They just don’t like the idea that maybe their religion might not be the true religion.  And, while I’m open-minded enough to acknowledge the possibility the religion is true, I’m also reasonable enough to assume, based on the evidence I’ve seen, that it’s not.  People choose to become and choose to stop being Christian all the time.  Ergo, we have two established facts.

1.  Homosexuality is a condition of self.

2.  Christianity is a choice.

Now, that said, in the unlikely event we are forced with the decision to take rights from one group and give it to another, logic would dictate you take it from the by choice group and give it to the by birth group.  After all, the by choice group could always get those rights back by choosing to no longer be a part of that group.  This is not true of the by birth group.

So, with Christianity being a choice, and homosexuality being a condition of self, logic would dictate that, even if the Christians are telling the complete truth about gay rights taking away their rights, that is not an adequate argument to deny gays their rights.  They could simply stop being Christian and get their rights back.  Not so with gays.

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