Final Fantasy Under Ceej To Be Dismantled…

In light of the gridlock on the remodel of Indoctrination Under Ceej, as well as the fact the remodel hasn’t even started at Final Fantasy Under Ceej, I am announcing the imminent dismantle of Final Fantasy Under Ceej.

Final Fantasy Under Ceej was supposed to be a gaming forum where people who had been driven away from other gaming forums could join up and enjoy the same sort of activities as before, but without the trolling, drama, and bullshit.  Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to admin it, as have my fellow admins, and it simply became a haven for spam bots, and not much else.

Aside from that, I’ve had to get my old web administrator back on the job to help me with remodelling Indoc (which explains the gridlock), so imagine having to remodel a website that isn’t as successful, but still more difficult.  Even if we could get enough members to operate smoothly, it’s a community forum, so it will likely just end up like the very forums people fled to find it.

So, we could look at this as The Ceej losing a forum, or we could look at it as The Ceej gaining one or more parallel sites on the domain.  I’ve had a few fleeting ideas for other sites on the TLD but, unfortunately, I can’t remember what they were.  I’m going to try to remember what they were as well as come up with more ideas for sites Under Ceej, but the reason for the announcement is that I want you to help.

That’s right.  You, the fans.  Whether you be fans of this editorial site, fans of my short films, fans of my short stories, or fans of my comedy.  As much as my art is for me, the exhibition of it is for you.  If you could influence the creation of a new site Under Ceej, what sort of site would you come up with?

Should it be another exhibition site like Films, Music, and Lit?

Or should it be another interactive site like FF was supposed to be?

Or perhaps something in between like this one?

What is it that The Ceej does well that deserves its own subdomain site on the Under Ceej TLD?  I need at least one replacement for Final Fantasy Under Ceej, and I’m not necessarily limiting myself here.  You can use the comments or the contact link to express your opinions.  If you use the contact link, be sure to follow the instructions or your Email will not get through.

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  • AnkhNo Gravatar says:

    Make it a site where you showcase your drawings. I want to see more of your drawings as long as they’re not of penises (you prevert).

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      When have I ever drawn anything worth seeing?

      I guess I did draw the cover to my pre-decent-sounding-days album, Give Me Hollywood Or Give Me Death!, but that’s already posted on Music Under Ceej. I have an idea for Humour Under Ceej which will consist of jokes, blurbs, riddles, comics that my father drew around a joke I (and/or my brother) came up with. If I had any drawings worth seeing, I might take your advice.

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