Revolutionaries Usually Face Contempt…

Malcom X and Martin Luther King Junior were assassinated.  The gays at the Stonewall Inn were fought against until it was deemed futile to stand against them.  National heathcare, repeal of DOMA and DADT, and finance reform are fought against to the bitter end.  And why is that?

The powers that be despise any attempt to change the status quo.  Why?  Because they fear losing their power.  So, if these powers are few and far between, why does the entire society fight against such changes?  Because the people are socially engineered to think the way the powers that be want them to.  And this social engineering is rather cruel.

My mother told me today, in response to my views about important work vs. work that makes money, that she was ashamed that I was her son.  She told me that the sheer number of people like me, with our plans and chances to create economic revolution (might I add in a completely non-violent manner with only the handful of rich but useless people losing anything) is, “what scares me so much.”

I guess, if my own mother is ashamed of me and fears the coming revolution, I’m more important than I thought I was.  I have better chances at change than I thought I did.

I didn’t think to ask her that, if I was volunteering in a soup kitchen instead of working on art for free, if she would have been as ashamed, but something tells me she still would have been.  After all, I’d still need the donations of others to fund that work too.  She, like many others who have wasted their lives in the system, holds contempt for the fact that future generations won’t have to go through the same bullshit.

In college fraternities, new members are often hazed.  Despite the fact this hazing is cruel and people have been trying to stop it for decades, no one wants to be among the last group hazed.  “I was hazed when I joined,” they say, “so I get to haze the next group.”  And, this is how a clearly cruel treatment can go on pretty much forever.  Those who have already been hazed hold with contempt the notion that future groups will not have to face this.  It’s the same with people who have been screwed by the economic system.

Make no mistake.  The times, they are a-changin’, to quote Bob Dylan.  As the 400 richest people have more money than the poorer half of the population, despite the fact that one man in the poorer half does more work  in one day than the entire top 400 have done their entire lives, the number of revolutionaries is growing faster than ever.

I used to be the only one I know saying the economy wasn’t salvageable.  Now, some top economists have published articles in Time and Life magazines saying the same thing.  The monetary system is unsustainable.  It was more sustainable when it was based on productivity, but it hasn’t been for at least thirty years.  It’s a rigged game to keep the rich rich by screwing the poor.  The things people do in the name of putting food on the table.  And many of them know what they do is immoral, but make the excuse that they have to make a living somehow.  Others, like my mother and father, convince themselves that they’re doing the right thing.  I guess it helps them sleep at night.

By doing what I know to be right, regardless of the fact I’m not employed by an official employer and I don’t make an official paycheque, yet still managing to live my life perfectly fine, I annoy those that have been slaves to the system their entire lives.  They don’t really hate change.  They just wish it would have happened in time to save them.  Since it didn’t, they don’t want it to save anyone.

In conclusion, the only people who would really lose in a financial revolution are the top 1% richest people in the world.  The bottom 99% would all benefit.  They’ll feel like their time within the system was wasted, and they would hate to learn that, but failing to learn it doesn’t make it not true.  Better to not waste any more time within the system.  The system is rigged to ensure you fail.

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