Stephen Colbert Fired From Comedy Central…

What many of us discovered either via this week’s press release, or rival media celebrations, Stephen Colbert has been fired from Comedy Central.  For years, the general public has been disgusted with Colbert’s right wing views, and have voiced their dissent on internet forums, liberal talk shows, and blogs no one reads.  Without checking facts, or even viewing the show to see what it was about, millions of Americans have publicly stated that Colbert was a “nut job.”

An ongoing task to have Colbert’s advertisers pulled from Comedy Central’s programming, in hopes to censor what can’t be debated, picked up considerable traction in March of last year, when all of his UK advertising had been pulled, and so much US advertising had been pulled that Comedy Central was running his show at a loss.

Despite the fact that keeping Stephen Colbert on staff this past year has not been cost effective, Comedy Central continued to do so anyway.  This proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Colbert’s politics mattered more to Comedy Central than the profit.  However, Angelo S. Carusone, the man in charge of this campaign has stated, “since Colbert is no longer with Comedy Central, we still consider this a victory.”  He goes onto state how his mission is ongoing, “This sort of blatant propaganda doesn’t stop with Stephen Colbert. Comedy Central has so much more programming that only pretends to be news, but is comedy in disguise.”

Colbert has said that he doesn’t consider this a termination from Comedy Central, but a transition to new material.  “My message is not for everyone,” he told the Huffing A Ton Post, “but thousands of Americans joined Jon Stewart and myself at the rally, and my book,  I Am America And So Can You, is a bestseller.  I have a strong following.  I’m not worried about my future.”

Still, thousands of Americans disagree and are glad to see Stephen Colbert gone…  Wait.  I’m sorry.  I have the wrong satirical pundit.  I apologise and sincerely retract the preceding article.  This was Glenn Beck.  Oh, well.  It’s good to see that one man with no sense of humour can get a brilliant satirist thrown off a network while serious arseholes like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly remain.  I guess it’s not a stretch to assume that Mr. Carusone will be going after Stephen Colbert next.  Think about this, Angelo.  Do you realise what you’ve done?

EDIT: Here’s a note I decide to add retroactively.  I thought it was common knowledge that Glenn Beck’s show was satire.  Everyone I’ve ever met or ever spoken to has at least found it clear that he was a satirist, even if they weren’t in the majority that thought he was good at it.  However, an internet search seems to reveal that there are no legitimate news sources (only individuals) who recognise him as a satirist.  And that just goes to show you who the real propagandists are.  It’s not like Glenn Beck hides the fact he’s a satirist.  The rest of the media does that.  To take him seriously or to satirise him is to miss the point.  But, what else is new?  I never have any difficulty finding someone who will take my obvious jokes seriously.  Congratulations, people who took him seriously, both fans and enemies.  You’re morons.

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  • LizNo Gravatar says:

    You know, I thought the same thing for a long time- Glenn Beck was a satirist and 90% of the people who watch him don’t realize it. I promise you, every person I have the pleasure of knowing who watches him, do so as a legitimate news source. Now, I took comfort in the fact that at least Beck himself realized he was a comedian, what with having his own comedy act and all. Yet for all his crazy props and frantic chalkboard writing scribblings and crazy segments about doomsday, I have come to realize that he takes himself more seriously than a satirist. If you can ignore the article and watch the video to just listen to Glenn, I have this:
    With his Restoring Honor Rally and alleged communications from God to deliver a sacred message, he is moving from the realm of comedy and into the realm of, well, bat-sh*t insane along with the viewers who are currently gathering supplies for their post-apocalypse “Beckpack”
    Anyway after doing a recent dissertation on political satire in media, the main difference I can find between Stewart/Colbert and Beck is that the first two emphatically remind everyone at every opportunity that they are strictly comedians, whereas Beck, somewhere along the line, was taken seriously and he’s been running with it ever since.
    Anyway, I digress. Thanks for the commentary. It’s true satire has an important role in our society. Questionable comments (like the president has a deep-seated hatred for white people) aside, I can certainly appreciate his humor and the crazy things he does every week that bring joy to my boring life.

    • The CeejNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for that informative if not long-winded comment. It’s nice to receive some fresh perspectives instead of the same few people saying the same few things. I agree that Beck knows crazy people take him seriously (and those being his largest demographic AND enemy base) and uses that, but that doesn’t mean he ever started taking himself seriously. I’ll check out your link shortly.

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