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Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XXIII: To Trip And Fall…

The Ceej had been off his meds for two years now, without problems. But, these problems that were suddenly coming up… Could they be related?

©2013 The Ceej

Ceej: A Mental Breakdown – Part XXII: Drug To The Limit…

His decision was made. He was going to do this. There was only one question left: How?

©2013 The Ceej

Laughing At People’s Pain Is Okay!

We don’t know how The Ceej is going to justify laughing at the suffering of others, but we’re sure he will and that you’ll enjoy it.

Writers Are More Important Than Doctors…

Doctors may save lives, but writers have a more important power that doctors lack. What is this power? Read to find out.

They Say Alcohol Is A Truth Serum…

You ever drunk dial an ex? The Ceej drunk posts an editorial.

Doctors Thrive On Hypochondria…

Hypochonria: Created By Doctors For Doctors. Annoying Doctors Since Advanced Medicine Began.

Sociopathy And You

How do you deal with a sociopath? Are you one? Do you know one? I bet you do.

What, Exactly, Is A Nut Job?

A Nut Job Is Not Crazy. A Nut Job Is Being Used.

Suicide: Should You Prevent It?

If you have a friend that is suicidal, the best you can do is be there for them and not stop them if they elect to go through with it.

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