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Maybe Some Words Should Remain Taboo…

Certainly there is no logical reason to socially ban a word. But, is there an emotional one?

Transphobia: The Socially Acceptable Prejudice

Apparently bigotry is okay if the victim used to have a penis.


Deviance is grounds for disorder? Hell no!

White Lies In Friendship

White lies are the worst kind of lies. They have no place in a true friendship.

You Have Nothing To Fear, But…

FDR’s advice should be used against governments and corporations.

Dr. Laura: Is She Racist?

Dr. Laura said a lot of stuff she shouldn’t have. Was the “N word” one of them?

What Customer Service Really Is…

After the JetBlue flight attendant flipped out, I thought, “At last. Some real customer service.”

Your Child Is Autistic. Now What?

Autism. What is it. How do you handle it? Is an autistic person sick?

Why Saying, “Nigger” Is Socially Beneficial…

Words cannot be offensive to a rational adult. Nuff said.

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