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Yeah, Yeah… Keep Your Trousers On…

Or take them off. Your choice.

Laughing At People’s Pain Is Okay!

We don’t know how The Ceej is going to justify laughing at the suffering of others, but we’re sure he will and that you’ll enjoy it.


Read the title. ‘Nuff said.

“She’s Out Of Your League!”

When someone tells you that someone else is out of your league, they don’t mean you can’t get this person. What do they mean? Read on to find out.

When People Get Offended By A Literary Device…

A friend of The Ceej got offended that The Ceej was sarcastic, so rather than apologise for a joke, he wrote an editorial. Suck it, joke-haters.

Tabloid Mentality…

With all the buzz around The Ceej’s article about how he’s fucked up, The Ceej has something to say about tabloid mentality.

It’s MY Fault I’m So Fucked Up…

When an oncologist is a smoker, but tells you to quit, do you take the advice? What about a self-defence teacher who gets beat up all the time? A lawyer who spends half his time in jail? Well, this is why The Ceej needed to change.

They Say Alcohol Is A Truth Serum…

You ever drunk dial an ex? The Ceej drunk posts an editorial.

Why Are They Saying, “Happy New Year”?

This isn’t the new year. So why does everyone agree it is? Because they’re stupid. That’s why.

Ambivalent? Then Pick A Side, You Pussy!

Why should you listen to what you don’t agree with? Here’s why.

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