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Are You “Afraid” Of Punctuation?

“They” call them “scare quotes.” Who are “they”? Why do “they” call them that? This article addresses these concerns.

The Opening Question Mark, And Why It’s Necessary)

¿Why the missing opening parenthesis? ¿Why the call for the opening question mark? Read on, if you can stand to endure the confusion that you have inflicted on the rest of us.

Why Isn’t This Official Punctuation?

What is that punctuation in the title. A question mark? Well, that’s because WordPress doesn’t support what it really is. What is it really? Is it real? Should it be? Well, read on to find out.

“That’s So Gay,” They Say…

While The Ceej understands why this is offensive, he has his own ideas on how to deal with it. What are they? Well, why don’t you read it?

Semantic Complacency II: Memorisation Is Invaluable

The Ceej forgot one particular example in the first one. We begged him not to do a sequel, but we couldn’t stop him.

The Dangers Of Semantic Complacency…

What is semantic complacency? It’s when you say what others expect you to say instead of thinking about the language and correcting it.

English Translations Of Common Call Centerian Phrases…

Call centres don’t actually speak English. You may need an English translation. Consider this your introduction to Call Centerian.

Let’s Examine Semantics…

Let’s examine more deeply some of the words you think you know. I bet we’ll find something you don’t expect *snicker*

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