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Product Review: Keyboard & Mouse

Some of you might know that I’ve built my own gaming rig to compete with MicroSony’s consoles, because they’ve apparently lost touch with what customers want. I wasn’t going to be left out of the next generation of gaming, but I also wasn’t going to give them any more money until they start listening to […]

Product Review: Social Fixer

Well, I’ve talked a lot of shit about Facebook.  I coined its nickname, “The Big F,” as well as used nicknames others have come up with such as Assbook and Fascistbook.  I understand what it’s for, and I don’t really care for it.  But, as a public figure, I’m pretty much required to use it […]

Film Review: Looper

A film by Rian Johnson, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis, Jeff Daniels, and Emily Blunt about a guy charged with offing his future self, The Ceej breaks this film down for you. However, if you’d rather not read the review, The Ceej’s rating, on a scale of ten, is thumbs down.

Book Review: The Bible

The Ceej is going to review The Bible from a literary standpoint. Are you ready? Dive on in.

A Beautiful Mind: Charles Herman Was Not A Hallucination…

The official interpretation of the film is perpetuated by a lie of Ron Howard’s. I have storyline supported evidence that John Nash wasn’t sick.

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