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Yeah, Yeah… Keep Your Trousers On…

Or take them off. Your choice.

Tax Evasion Is Not A Crime…

How is tax evasion not a crime? Because someone only owes you money if they’re your client. Read the article for more.

Let’s Examine Semantics…

Let’s examine more deeply some of the words you think you know. I bet we’ll find something you don’t expect *snicker*

“Unsung Hero” Is A Redundant Term…

Some phrases in society are just redundant. Organised religion, corrupt politician, and oppressive regime come to mind. Unsung hero is the redundancy du jur.

Representative Democracy: A Bureaucrat’s Republic

A republic is not a democracy. It’s a scam designed to look like a democracy. See why inside.

What Needs To Be Said…

That thing that happened in Arizona, last week? Since no one else said what needs to be said, I think I probably have to.

Appeal To Authority…

How does one go about getting authority? Destroying authority? What really IS authority? Does it mean anything to me? Find out in this editorial.

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