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When Ra’s Chariot Runs An Hour Slow…

Summer time is not only morally wrong but factually incorrect. Why? Read the article to find out.

Added Value Or Added Price?

Some people seem to analogise scalping with flipping and this irritates The Ceej. So, as he’s wont to do, he wrote an article about it.

“That’s So Gay,” They Say…

While The Ceej understands why this is offensive, he has his own ideas on how to deal with it. What are they? Well, why don’t you read it?

Your Smart Phone Is Smarter Than You…

The Ceej has never been a fan of smart phones. We told him he may alienate his audience, but now he’s attacking smart phone users.

The Big Difference…

The Ceej was accused of being a hypocrite because he’s against aggression. What does that mean? Read more to find out.

Return To Roots…

The Ceej returns to his roots and applies anti-gay bigotries to blacks for the first time since he started this damn site, in spite of the fact that’s what he created it for.

But I’m STILL The One Who’s Sick?

The Ceej never saw the point of boxed chocolates, heart-shaped doilies, and arbitrary dates. He’s always been a wholesome guy that wanted his sex to have meaning beyond a preprinted date on the calendar, but it seems that’s an indication of mental illness.

Prejudice Against People Is Not The Worst Kind

Wilson: It seems your opinion is based in prejudice
Tim: I’m not prejudice
Wilson: Not against people, but against ideas
Ceej: Which leads to prejudice against people
Tim & Wilson: Who invited YOU on our show?
Ceej: Just read my article

And I’M The One Who’s Sick?

People have accused The Ceej of being sick because he doesn’t like Christmas. But, is he the one who’s sick?

Who’s That Trip-Trapping On My Bridge?

Internet trolling is all the rage right now. How to handle it when someone does it to you.

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