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An Argument For Statism…

Statism: The support for or believe in government. Not a whole lot of good arguments for it, but maybe somebody has one…

11 September, 2001 Was Not A Terrorist Attack…

No, this is not a truther article. This is a semantic article.

“Unsung Hero” Is A Redundant Term…

Some phrases in society are just redundant. Organised religion, corrupt politician, and oppressive regime come to mind. Unsung hero is the redundancy du jur.

Why Aren’t There More Death Row Escape Attempts?

With death being the ultimate conclusion, and the inmates not attempting to avoid it, it’s no surprise that Americans are content to live with whatever they’re dished out.

SCOTUS Gets One Right?

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on a controversial case. The ruling was offensive but, at the same time, right. Which one was it? That’s what the article is for. This is just an exerpt.

The Fine Line…

The fine line is between libertarianism and anarchism. And which side of the line does Ceej fall on? Find out inside.

The Norma Es Populus Logical Fallacy

Now the fallacy has a name, so I can call someone on it when they use it, rather than getting in the same old tired argument again and again.

What Needs To Be Said…

That thing that happened in Arizona, last week? Since no one else said what needs to be said, I think I probably have to.

Appeal To Authority…

How does one go about getting authority? Destroying authority? What really IS authority? Does it mean anything to me? Find out in this editorial.

The Ceej Found Guilty In Court…

The Ceej talks more about the charges he’s facing than he ever did publicly. But what charges? Why guilty? Can we ever know?

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