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The Anarchist By Example Logical Fallacy

What about the Statist By Example Fallacy? Isn’t THAT more damning?

What’s In A Name?

Names are a largely overlooked state-sanctioned aggression. In what way? Read the article.

Yeah, Yeah… Keep Your Trousers On…

Or take them off. Your choice.

The Censortors…

Who are the Censortors? Why, they’re the US senators who not only don’t want to hear your voice, but they don’t want anyone else to either. The Ceej lists them individually in this article.

Tax Evasion Is Not A Crime…

How is tax evasion not a crime? Because someone only owes you money if they’re your client. Read the article for more.

No System Is Perfect Part I: Educatiacracy

When people say, “No system is perfect,” Ceej has two thoughts. First he wonders, then, why we don’t have no system, but then, where do they get the idea that no system is perfect. No system is better, but not perfect.

Don’t Stoop To Their Level…

The government may be evil, but that doesn’t give YOU the excuse to be evil.

The Ceej Is Published (Also Not Guilty)

The article that The Ceej wrote for the Valley Planet mirrored at Indoc. Plus some minor commentary and a link to the published version.

Americans: An Endangered Species…

American: It’s not a nationality. It’s not a residence. It’s a mentality to change the world. One that’s all but dead.

2nd Amendment Solutions: Education

When people think of the US Constitution’s 2nd amendment, they typically think firearms. You know, firearms aren’t the only weapon you can use against a government. There is one that’s safe on the flesh and that still kills the authority.

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