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Let’s Hear It For Those Vets!

What with it being Veterans Day in the United States and all, The Ceej considered it appropriate to honour some American veterans specifically in all his sarcastic glory.

Pentagon Kills Their Own Credibility

The Pentagon requested the media not give more credibility to the one exposing their secrets. Wait. Did I say Pentagon? That sounds like something a mafia would do. Let me check my notes. Yep. I said Pentagon.

Victimless “Crimes…”

Drug use is not a crime. Nor is assisted suicide. “But it’s against the ‘law’!” So?

There Is No Such Thing As A Merger…

If a company you know is merging, they’re really violating antitrust laws.

Should Lawyers Be Outlawed? (A Special “Prop H8 Overturned” Editorial)

As the ruling overturning Prop H8 sinks in, I take a look at lawyers, juries, and judges in a courtroom, as well as good and bad legal arguments for gay rights within the system. Not that I like the system.

Don’t Read The Fine Print…

Contrary to popular legal opinion, fine print is illegal because it’s an attempt to get you to agree to something they don’t want you to know you’re agreeing to. That’s not fine print. That’s a scam.

AT&T Threatened To Sue Me, Yesterday…

I wonder why.  Was it this video? No. No, it wasn’t. They threatened to sue me because I called them on censorship. I sent them a series of Emails stating that they censored the internet they were being paid to provide (they called them security blocks, but they oddly only blocked non-American IP’s and domains, […]

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